Publishers’ Assistant is business management software for the publishing industry. PubAssist has been used by thousands of publishers and distributors since 1989. The following features are supported in our family of Publishers’ Assistant products.

Graphical Profit and Loss statement.
  • Over 200 reports—including “profit and loss” and “balance sheet” statements. Reports can be modified by the user and exported in a variety of formats—including CSV, Excel.
  • PubAssist has integrations to Quickbook, UPS, Excel, and PubAssist Web Services.
  • CoupletTM for complete title management system—including promotional data. Contacts and titles can be imported and exported in a variety of formats—including XML, CSV, and ONIX.
  • Also included is Voyager for integrated support of the ANSI X12, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standard. No more manual entry of EDI orders to your accounting system.
  • The PubAssist inventory system is second to none! It includes date sensitive tracking, multiple inventory states, and supports an unlimited number of warehouses.
  • But PubAssist also supports non-inventory items such as services, print-on-demand books, ebooks, and subscriptions.
  • PubAssist supports the sale and processing of subscriptions as well as standing orders for new editions.
  • Having trouble knowing where you stand with your Distributor? With PubAssist you can know what your distributor owes you, and how many of your books they have in inventory, at any moment in time.
  • Royalties, consignment costs, commissions, and other liabilities are tracked automatically as you invoice.
  • PubAssist supports royalty and consignment contracts for very complex situations and for an unlimited number of contributors.
  • Apply customer payments to books across invoices. You can return books from multiple invoices. The inventory system lets you know when someone tried to return more books than they have in stock.
  • Liabilities become payable when you get paid—minimizing your financial risk. Does your publishing software do that?
  • Generate payments to authors and suppliers automatically. Print checks directly from PubAssist. Export payment transactions to Quickbooks for your accountant.
  • Tools and reports to help track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and to manage the returns from large buyers.
  • We know the publishing industry. We’ve been at it for over 30 years.

Price: Free!

Support: $100/month