Introducing the new “RAPIDS” web application framework.

RAPIDS: Rest API Data Share

Sadly, there is, currently, insufficient support for the complete redevelopment of Publisher’s Assistant. However, the need to move to a more independent platform has long been foreseen. The New Development pages describe some of that work and the effort to move PubAssist in this direction. While a new PubAssist does not yet exist in this new platform, the development of an underlying framework has continued.

I don’t know how most of our publishers feel about big tech’ these days; but I have not been enthused about hosting my data or using a framework from one of these major software companies. First of all, while REACT and AngularJS have many people working on them and many technical features to boast, I have not been impressed with the form of these tools. I have been looking for a component-based framework that would allow me to rapidly assemble new web applications. I won’t go into all of my considerations, but I have researched and tried several tools, and was left wanting. Perhaps it’s because I am a chronic DIY kind of guy.

It’s Your Data

Another thing that has become obvious about big tech of late is that they will not hesitate to use their influence to capture and sell personal data. Some have gone so far as to control what you can see and post using their services. That’s not for me. PubAssist users, over the years, have shied away from “cloud” solutions because it meant that someone else would be hosting and controlling their data.

The RAPIDS framework facilitates setting up a new application quickly. RAPIDS can be installed on a Linux server of your choosing. The data that is hosted is completely yours to manage. The only person making decisions about how and with whom you will share your data is you.

The framework features a single-page administrative application that supports all create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations. The filtering and sorting features allow you to find and hone your data collection down quickly. When you have the data you are looking for, you can download a CSV file for the context you have developed.

RAPIDS is NOT for Sale

The framework as well as the software used in its development are shareware. So, there is no cost for the software.

Rather, RAPIDS is a tool that allows Publishers’ Assistant to put applications in place for clients at a reasonable cost. A new data resource can generally be put in place in a couple of hours. The development of a custom application may be a few more.

Sample applications:

The Demo Pages already show some samples for managing contact, titles, royalty specifications, and ledger transactions.

Other example custom applications include:

So, if you have a need to share data with your clients, employees, associates, give us a call today!