Data Transfer

This project has to do with tranporting data from a data source of your choosing to the new PubAssist platform. This will be critical–especially in the beginning stages of new development, because this will be the primary means to feed the processes and reports on the new platform.

How will it work?

PubAssist (legacy) has a built-in mechanism to export data for reports. So, users can continue to use PubAssist for your day-to-day operations, but make data available on the new platform by using exported data from the appropriate report(s).

A data transport page might accept either a file name, or allow the user to copy and paste comma separated values (CSV) data into a page for delivery to the server. The data would be directed to a specific resource on the server (e.g. contacts, titles, ledger transactions, etc.)

This data transfer function will be protected by the authorization system to prevent malicious or accidental transfers to your database.

The submission on this page would transport that data and update the target resource in the new PubAssist database. Once data has been imported, the usual administrative functions can be used to make any adjustments that might be necessary.

This mechanism is not only critical for our beginning phases of development, but will be useful down the road for importing batches of data from other data sources.

I estimate it will take about a week to get this procedure working reliably.

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