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The Best Value in Publishing Business Software

  • Simple enough to start invoicing in minutes,
  • Powerful enough to handle your toughest issues with distributors,
  • Royalties, Consignment, and Commissions are a snap,
  • Valuable marketing data captured while you invoice,
  • Communication tools to help carry your publishing business into the future, and
  • Services that independent publishers can afford!

Download the Lyric Edition for free!

The Lyric Edition is our single-user edition of Publishers’ Assistant. It is fully featured. There are no limitations in function. You can download and use it for evaluation purposes for 24 sessions. Assuming you choose to subscribe to our support service, you will receive a new link for Epic and you’ll be able to register the product, or upgrade to Epic, without any loss of data.

Be sure to check out our online tutorials to get off to a good start.

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Monthly Subscription – $100 US/month

Annual Subscription – $1100 US