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I’ve been using Publishers Assistant since 2003, and its power continues to amaze me. Ron just showed me how to process Amazon sales in an efficient, slick way by grouping all Amazon sales under one payable account, and then, when sales reports come in, to enter receipts by going down the list of books Amazon has in inventory, keying in the number of books sold, matching amount received, and voila… processing Amazon sales is a breeze! I used to dread having to go in and sort through each Amazon sale. Now it’s even “fun”!

Kira Henschel, Henschel Haus Publishing, Inc.

“We have used Ron’s Publishers Assistant program to run our distribution, publishing and wholesale businesses. We started off with just three products and now have well over 2,000 products and many hundreds of customers. Along the way we have faced many challanges to our computer systems and one hundred precent of the time Ron has been able to meet those challanges. Ron is a true professional and has been a great vendor. I highly recommend his services.”

Tom Doherty, Cardinal Publishers’ Group

“Ron Lawrence provides real time service and consultation for software related issues. His product is not only a hand-in-glove match with what a publisher needs, but it helps the independent publisher with tools to grow the company.”

Anne Fenske, Grace Acres Press

“Upper Access helped develop the early versions of Publishers’ Assistant through the early 1990s because we–and other small book publishers–needed an affordable business program that is specific to publishing. Since then, Ron has been fully responsible for what PubAssist has become–a software program that has evolved to meet the constant changes in both computer technology and the publishing industry. The continuing success of our publishing business would not have been possible without Ron’s hard work on the software that is central to our daily work.”

Steve Carlson, Upper Access, Inc.Paragraph

“Ron is prodigious and expert. Always available for a quick consult or an immediate fix. He is the best creative IT type of professional to have on your side for keeping eCommerce sites up and running. It’s always a pleasure to work with Ron.” —

Chuck Henderson, fishrock.com

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