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Publishers’ Assistant

A powerful tool for independent publishers since 1989.

  • Automatic calculation of royalties and other liabilities associated with sales.
  • Tools to stay on top of your relationship with distributors.
  • Integration tools for EDI, ONIX, and others.
  • A reporting environment that puts you in control.
  • Real help is here when you need it!

Do you need to share data with associates or customers?

  • Want to do so in a professional and secure manner?
  • Don’t have an IT department or budget?
  • Not too keen on big tech hosting your data?

Looking for old content?

We’re still moving content from the old web site. There’s a lot to move! There is training and troubleshooting. There are articles on how to handle situations with your customers, distributors, and clients.

If you are looking for something you know was on the old web site, you can get there from here…