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Publishers' Assistant Web Services

The Next Piece in the Integration Puzzle

PubAssist Web Services

So, maybe you know that...  CoupletTM  provides you with an opportunity to update your web site with the same information you use to keep your trading partners up to date.  But, how do you do it?  Well, Couplet provides you with the ability to export an XML document.  You can develop an XSL style sheet that will use that XML document, so all you have to do is put it on your web site.  We can even help you to do that.

Still sound like more than you want to get into?  Well, what if you didn't have to do even that?  In fact, what if you could...

Use Couplet to export your titles directly to your web site  

No FTP.  No messing with files.  Just choose the "web service" option on the export!  If your web site is running on PAWeb services, that's exactly how it will work!

Now you probably already have a web site.  You may even have a shopping cart.  But as your business grows, wouldn't it be great if you could... 

Download web orders directly into PubAssist  

That's what PAWeb Services does!

With PAWeb Services, you'll get a professional web site, but you'll still be able to manage the content yourself.  You'll also get features like some of the major online retailers:  

  • a shopping cart, 

  • online credit card processing, 

  • search functions if you have a lot of titles,

  • multi-page support for reviews, author bio's, sample text, even special promotions,

  • and you'll get the tools you need to complete the cycle between your desktop software and your web site!

But, that's not all.  Because, you see, the logic to complete this cycle of communication is just exactly what is needed to complete the cycle with your trading partners!  

Distributors, you can use PAWeb to accept title information from your publishers.  You can send orders to your publishers!  Publishers, you can accept and acknowledge those orders from your distributor--all without having to manually key in the same information time after time!  All this at a very competitive price.

PAWeb Services can be yours with a setup fee as low as $1100.

The initial setup includes assistance in preserving the look and feel of your current web site in your new PAWeb Services site.  Additional monthly fees are required for the hosting and support of your web site.  These will be competitive with your current web-hosting costs.

If this sounds good to you, give us a call:  800-310-8716