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I'd love to switch to PubAssist, but how do I transfer my existing data?

Importing Data Using Couplet.

If you have been publishing books for a while, you know you have made a serious investment in your data. Transferring that data is one of the biggest obstacles to reaping the benefits of using Publishers' Assistant. We've already placed tutorials on our web site for exporting data. Importing is similar; however, importing is a much more complex subject. The task can seem overwhelming.

In this webinar, we'll try to break this huge task down into bite sized pieces. We'll explore what kinds of data you should prioritize for transport, as well as what may be less important. We'll also cover the details of using the Couplet Import Wizards.

This will be part 1 of a multi-part presentation. Topics covered:

  • Importing Titles from Excel or CSV
  • Importing contacts from Excel or CSV
  • Separating fields from aggregate address fields (as from Quickbooks or Cats Pajamas)