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Getting Started with Publishers' Assistant

Now available as a video download!

So you've downloaded the Lyric Edition of Publishers' Assistant. Have you done anything with it? ...Really?

The response to our Free download offer has been phenomenal! But, we understand that implementing a new accounting system is not a trivial task. Even though we've tried to make it easy for you, we're betting that there are lots of you who have not begun the process of invoicing using PubAssist. There may be multiple forces holding you back. Not the least of these is the fear of the unknown.

This webinar is designed to get you over the hump in implementing and benefiting from Publishers' Assistant. This is NOT a "how to" presentation. For that, see our online Tutorials--which are FREE.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Biggest fears put to rest
  • How PubAssist will actually improve your productivity
  • Important points before you begin
  • A prioritized "road map" to follow
  • How we (Publishers' Assistant) can help you in the process

What People are Saying

Comments from the very first presentation:

"A bunch of this would have been really useful when I was trying to change over to PubAssist. I'm looking forward to exploring the tutorials..."

"It was very informative even though the only thing I have done is worked in Couplet. Keep up the great work!"

"I had thought it was going to be more like a tutorial of sorts rather than an overview for new users."
Ron: "Nope. This is an overview of what is important to focus on when getting started. There are tutorials on the web site."

"There were some good refresher points, and some information on your website that I did not know about and will review later."