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EDI and ONIX? What's that?

Electronic Communications with Major Buyers

So what are EDI and ONIX? And why should you care about them? These are standards that facilitate communication with your trading partners. Many large buyers will insist on their use. This webinar will begin to unveil some of the mystery about these technologies.

You'll also learn about how Couplet supports these technologies and puts their power in the hands of the independent publisher. But the ability to generate an EDI transaction or an ONIX document is not enough. Exchanging these transactions comes as a result of developing a relationship with your customer. Letting a big prospective customer know that you have these capabilities may get your foot in the door.

What you will learn:

  • A working definition of ONIX and EDI
  • What 3rd party EDI services can and can't offer you.
  • How Couplet and Publishers' Assistant support and use these standards
  • What's needed to use them effectively in your business