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Couplet from Publishers' Assistant

Title Management and Communication software

Ron Lawrence

Couplet is not only an import and export tool for Publishers' Assistant. Couplet is an essential component of Ron's vision to connect publishers with their trading partners.

Ron Lawrence has been working as an independent developer on Publishers' Assistant since 1990. Working closely with Steve Carlson of Upper Access Publishing, Ron produced what was then known as PiiGS Version 2.

Prior to developing Publisher's Assistant, Ron worked as a software engineer for Digital Equipment Corporation--specializing in manufacturing systems. This experience contributed greatly to the technologies and techniques used in the development of Publishers' Assistant.

In addition to developing software, Ron has built his own house in the hills of Essex, Vermont. He started and sold Jericho Traditions in Wood, a woodworking business specializing in traditional architectural products. Ron has also enjoyed making music with the Jericho Road Crew since 1988.