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I finally got paid! Now what do I do?

Accounting Practices for Large Buyers

So, you got that first check from Baker & Taylor. Or, maybe it's your 21st check. Somehow, their statement doesn't match up to yours.

Or, four months after your first sales, you get a check from your distributor. What are all these things on the statement? What does this check actually pay for? You have to pay your authors!

If these sound like issues you are dealing with, this is the webinar for you. Publishers' Assistant knows about these scenarios; and we will show you how to deal with them. You will learn the steps to take to know ...

  • ...exactly what your major buyers owe you at any given time,
  • ...exactly what they have in inventory, and
  • to apply the payment you receive to properly compensate your authors and suppliers.
And, you won't have to depend on your customer's reports for the information.