Why Not Just Use QuickBooks?

(Photo of Steve Carlson) by Steve Carlson, Upper Access Publishing, Inc.

New publishers often start out with over-the-counter business software such as QuickBooksTM or PeachTreeTM. This may be a good choice early on, when inventory consists of boxes of books in the garage and each day produces a handful of orders to invoice and ship.

But as time goes on, the limitations become increasingly apparent. Although every publishing company is different, here are a few issues that often come up:

The list goes on. But the point is, the over-the-counter programs are made to be useful for caterers, plumbers, wedding singers, and birthday clowns. Book publishing is a different kind of business. All of the large publishers, and most of the successful small houses, use business software that meets the specific needs of our industry.

Incidentally, don't throw away your copy of QuickBooks. You'll still want to use it for some of the standard functions that are, indeed, common to all types of business. Managing your checkbook, for example, and handling your payables that are not specific to publishing, and producing certain reports you'll need for taxes. You may want to use QuickBooks to compute your payroll. Publishers' Assistant, like most other industry-specific software programs, does not try to do the things that generic software programs do very well. In fact, we make it easy to export data from Publishers' Assistant to QuickBooks, to avoid any need for duplicate data entry.

But to meet the specific demands of our unique industry, you need industry-specific software. We've been a leading developer of business software for publishers since 1989, and in that time, we don't know of a single publisher who has considered going back to depending on generic business software. We can help your business to grow, and, in the process, we can provide software that grows with your business.